Monday, March 23, 2015

No such thing as strangers . . .

Just friends you haven't met yet, as the Irish proverb has it.
If the statistics I’m looking at aren’t damned lies, a few folk seem to have found their way here to cast an eye over my musings in recent months. It occurs to me that maybe I should have styled myself 'Rambling Man', given the style of some of the entries in this blog, but I hope you've found something that made the trip worth a few minutes of your time.
So, welcome (back) my friends to the show that never ends, and all that. And if you have any thoughts in response to my reflections, then don't be shy - feel free to leave a comment. Maybe you agree with something, maybe you disagree. Maybe I've reminded you of another band or another album that you'd like to mention. Whatever it might be, go ahead and chip in.

After all, music is for sharing!

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