Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Listened to lately . . . .

Anyone out there copped an earful of something interesting recently?  Here's a quick resume of a few things that have crossed my path.

Andy Poxon - Must Be Crazy.  A 21-year from Maryland with a striking resemblance to Richie Cunningham from Happy Days, but who bizarrely is at best when in jaded, lovelorn,
Go do that voodoo, that you do . . .
'dinner for one' mode.  Fer chrissake get the kid a girl, someone!  This is his third album - thankfully he's got rid of the afro he was sporting on the covers of the first two.

Wily Bo Walker - Moon Over Indigo.  Still getting to grips with this one a bit, but interestingly different from the Glaswegian gone down south.  Tom Waits-ish vocals, horns, occasional dabbling with synths, and a general sense of the spirit of N'Awlins - possibly encouraged by the glamorous-looking cover pic.

Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar.  A tiny bit better than Rhythm'n'Blues, I reckon - a bit more discipline and less scrabbling around the fretboard from the current Father of the House of Blues.

Cedric Burnside Project - Descendants Of Hill Country.  If you like North Mississippi Allstars, you'll like this - hill country blues from drummer/guitarist/singer Cedric, the maternal grandson of R.L. Burnside, with Trenton Ayers on guitar.  So here's a slice of Cedric drumming with his grandad, on 'Rollin' and Tumbling'' to whet the appetite.

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