Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Listened to lately . . .

Daundering around in the car on various errands for a couple of days, I took the opportunity to catch up with some stuff that had escaped my attention lately.  See what you make of these!

Lincoln Durham - there will be blood!
Pic by Roger D'Water
Otis RushRight Place, Wrong Time.  Downloaded this a few months ago and then must have pretty much forgotten it was there.  And it’s great!  A great blues voice, good tunes, clear and bright guitar tones with some shit hot string bending, and terrific horns.  A good take on ‘Rainy Night In Georgia’ too.  Here's the title track, played live in Montreux.

Luther AllisonReckless.  Picked this up a few months ago after hearing the track ‘Low Down And Dirty’ on some radio programme, but it didn’t really grab me on the first few listens.  Gave it another spin this week though, and it all clicked into place.  Luther was of course something of a mentor to Walter Trout, and the opening track here, ‘I’m Back’, featured in Walter’s set on his recent UK tour.

Lincoln DurhamExodus Of The Deemed Unrighteous.  Stuck this on entirely by accident, having not listened to it in ages.  If you’re partial to a bit of one-man-band acoustic/semi-acoustic Southern Gothic blues, all rough edges, spartan drums, and tales of sin and violence, then this could be for you.

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