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Gimme 5 - Dan Patlansky spills the beans

Gimme 5 is a new Blues Enthused feature in which guests name five songs that interest them, five key influences on their work, and five people they’d like to get together with.  The first Gimme 5 contributor is South African guitarist and singer Dan Patlansky, who recently released Shelter Of Bones, his first album in four years.  As the Blues Enthused review of the album put it, "He can do blues-rock guitar-wrangling.  No problemo.  But there's more to Dan Patlansky than that."  

Dan Patlansky tunes up for lunch with five guitar legends
Pic by Johan Coetsee

Dan kicks off his latest British tour on Thursday, 31 March in Southampton.


Gimme 5 songs, old or new, that have been on your radar recently.  [Check out the links to hear all Dan’s selections.]


Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan: I know this might seem like an obvious choice but I’ve recently rediscovered this song and performance, and it rekindled my love for the Blues and what it means.  'Texas Flood' is the title track of the debut album by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, released in 1983.


Maydell by John Mayall: “I’ve also recently rediscovered this song. It’s one of the best examples of where a blues track can be taken.   'Maydell' is taken from John Mayall's 1993 album Wake Up Call, featuring Coco Montoya on guitar.


Morning by Beck: “This blew my hair back when I first heard it. The production is breath-taking.

Insurgentes by Steven Wilson: “I only heard this song fairly recently. I absolutely love the song and feeling it gives me when I listen to it.”  'Insurgentes' is the title track of Steven Wilson's first solo album, released in 2008.

Shine A Little Light by The Black Keys: “This one of the best-feeling tunes I’ve heard in years.”  'Shine A Little Light' is the opening on track on the 2019 album from The Black Keys, 'Let's Rock', reviewed here.


Dan was evidently so excited by the exercise that he didn't just pick five songs, he shared a sixth, from the ubiquitous Joe Bonamassa.


Mind’s Eye by Joe Bonamassa: This is the most recent single from Joe Bonamassa’s latest

Stevie Ray Vaughan - the biggest influence of all
album, Time Clocks. It sounds like an epic modern-day blues track mixed with the soul of Pink Floyd. Timeless.

Gimme 5 artists or bands who have had a big influence on your work.


Pink Floyd: Their album covers always intrigued me growing up. I felt I had to know what their music sounded like, and if the music would match the artwork.


Stevie Ray Vaughan: Like most artists I like, I discovered him through my parents’ extensive music collection. SRV still remains my biggest musical influence. 


Led Zeppelin: “Again, discovered through my parents’ music collection. Still one of the coolest sounds I’ve ever heard.


Jimi Hendrix: As a kid I would pretend to play guitar on an old tennis racket while my father played ‘Purple HazeJimi had a massive impact on my playing.


Jimmy Page chuffed with Dan's lunch invite
Audio Slave: “In my eyes they’re the best 'modern' rock and roll band. The power in the riffs is
second to none, plus Chris Cornell remains my favourite rock vocalist.

Gimme 5 living people you’d love to invite to a long lunch musicians, actors, writers,  movie directors, sports people, or whoever!


Given the chance to pick lunch guests from all walks of life, Dan goes for a regular guitarists' convention.  It might get loud!

Joe Bonamassa: He is, without a doubt, the frontrunner in the blues world today. We owe him a lot for elevating the blues. And his guitar collection is second to none!”


Steven Wilson: A musical genius with a very fresh and interesting view on music. 


David Gilmour: “This choice speaks for itself.


Eric Gales: “Eric is possibly the greatest player alive today, and a guy I’ve been a fan of since the early 90s.


Jimmy Page: “Jimmy Page is the man behind so many of my favourite songs - and I’m sure he can share a tale or two as well!”



Finally, just one track – Pick just one of your own songs that you’d share with a new listener to introduce them to your music.


“I’d go for my latest single ‘Bad Soul’, taken from my album Shelter Of Bones.  It’s all about how some people are just born bad ass, without having to try or be influenced in any way.”

Dan Patlansky’s UK tour with special guest Arielle runs from March 31st to April 12th.

Tickets available from here.

If you want to play all of Dan's selected tracks at once, then check out the playlist on the Blues Enthused YouTube channel, here.


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