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Gimme 5 - Aaron Bond of When Rivers Meet picks'n'mixes

Gimme 5 is the Blues Enthused feature in which guests name five songs that have got their attention lately; five key influences on their work; and five people they’d like to hang out with for a long lunch.  Today's guest is Aaron Bond of UK Blues Award-winning duo When Rivers Meet, who kick off their headline UK tour on 21 April, with support from Troy Redfern.  Let's go, Aaron!

Windswept and interesting When Rivers Meet
Pic by Rob Blackham
Gimme 5 songs, old or new, that have been on your radar recently.  [Check out the links to hear all Aaron's selections.
'Sleeping On The Blacktop' by Colter Wall:  "Love his stripped back contemporary style of an old bygone era of music. It is just great just absolutely love it."
'Waiting For Your Man' by Robert Jon & The Wreck:  "Robert John & The Wreck are a great band, and they create such a great sound, and they are contemporary and just love it, just awesome!"  Check out the Blues Enthused review of Robert Jon & The Wreck's latest album Shine A Light On Me Brother here.
'Ghosts' by Troy Redfern:  "Troy is a great guitarist and Troy is joining us on our April/May tour around the UK and we can’t wait to hear him and see his stuff. It will be awesome!"  'Ghosts' comes from Troy Redfern's latest album The Fire Cosmic, reviewed here.
'Royal Tea' by Joe Bonamassa:  "Joe Bonamassa is the godfather of modern blues and a real trailblazer, and someone to be respected and listened to. We learn a lot from Joe Bonamassa." 
'Bulletproof' by Samantha Fish:  "Samantha Fish is the queen of the cigar box guitar, absolutely love what she does. We went to see her a couple of years ago before lockdown in Norwich and we were absolutely blown away by her. Absolutely fantastic, highly recommend!"  'Bulletproof' comes from Samantha Fish's 2019 album Kill Or Be Kind, reviewed here.
Gimme 5 artists or bands who have had a big influence on your work.
John Lee Hooker:  "He got me into the blues music from an early age, love his style, love his voice, and love everything about John Lee Hooker. Just so thankful that I heard his track'Boom Boom Boom' because it literally got me into the blues."
John Lee Hooker - cool blue stole my heart

Led Zeppelin:  "They were the most iconic band of all time, ranging from plenty of unique styles. They are the go-to band for classic rock and blues." 
Bad Company:  "The reason Bad Company is so significant is because of Paul Rodgers. His voice is absolutely amazing he is arguably the best rock and blues singer of all time." 
Guns N’ Roses:  "In my opinion Guns N’ Roses are the best rock band of all time. They had every influence running through every part of their music." 
Cream:  "They are the kings of classic rock and blues, and we just love everything bout them, especially Eric Clapton’s blues licks. His guitar playing is spectacular."
Gimme 5 guests you’d love to hang out with for a long lunch.
Axel Rose:  "He is the driving force behind Guns N’ Roses. I bet he has got a million stories to tell about his life. He’s led an interesting life and continues to do so. I would love to hear some of his stories."
William Shatner:  "His stories would be absolutely amazing, from his stage days because he was a thespian in Canada. Then going on to the pioneering programme Star Trek which I am sure
William Shatner - "Mr Sulu, turn the amps up to 11!"
lots of people will know about - and the man that has gone into space at 90 years old. Oh my god, would love to hear some of William Shatner’s stories."
Sylvester Stallone:  "There is something about Sylvester Stallone you’ve got to love and respect. He is very truthful about where he comes from and what he’s done and what he’s accomplished. Yeah, he would be an amazing person to listen to." 
David Attenborough:  "I mean if you are going to have a table full of people that are going to tell stories, David Attenborough if you love history and wildlife and things like that and anything to do with the planet it’s got to be him. He would be amazing to listen to." 

Lee Evans:  "I don’t think you can have a table full of absolute all-stars without having probably the top comedian of all time Mr Lee Evans. He’d be absolutely hilarious and yeah, I think he would have everybody laughing for sure." 
And finally, just one track – pick one of your tracks that you’d share with a new listener to introduce your music.
'He’ll Drive You Crazy' is our latest single from our second album Saving Grace, of which we are really proud. It’s gritty, it’s rocky, I am playing cigar box and Grace is playing the violin and it embodies our rocky blues side. So yes, that would be the one I would suggest to anybody – 'He’ll Drive You Crazy'."  Check out the Blues Enthused review of Saving Grace here.

When Rivers Meet's UK tour with special guest Troy Redfern starts on 21 April.  Tickets are available from The Gig Cartel, here.

If you want to listen to all of Aaron's selected tracks at once, then check out the playlist on the Blues Enthused YouTube channel, here.

You can also read the Gimme 5 Q&A with WRM's tour guest Troy Redfern, here.

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