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Gimme 5 - Robert Jon Burrison of Robert Jon & The Wreck hits the Blues Enthused jukebox

Robert Jon Burrison is lead singer and guitarist with Californian roots rockers Robert Jon & The Wreck, who head out on their latest British tour on 9 May.  So here he is occupying the Gimme 5 hotseat to share 5 songs that have been on his radar lately; 5 artists who have been a key influence on his music; and his 5 ideal guests for a long lunch.  Get ready for a real smorgasbord of stuff ranging from Southern rock to modern soul for us to sample - play that funky music, Robert Jon!

Gimme 5 songs, old or new, that have been on your radar recently.  [Check out the links to listen to all Robert Jon’s selections.]
Let Me Ride by Allman Brothers Band:  "The Allmans album Seven Turns has been on heavy
Robert Jon & The Wreck get ready to hit the road
Pic by Robby Boyd
rotation for me lately,but the song from it that I keep coming back to is Let Me Ride. It has an amazing groove and a chorus that sticks in your head all day long.
Shooting Stars by Rival Sons:  “Rival Sons has been on repeat since my son was born earlier this year.  I liked this song before but every time it’s played my son calms down and goes to sleep.  He seems to like it even more than I do.  He’s in charge so it's played in my house almost everyday!”
Cumberland Gap by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit:  “Jason writes everything you need in a song.  It has energy, it has the groove, and it’s such a great chorus that you can't help but sing.  I love Jason Isbell's song writing and tend to listen through his records pretty often.
Leave the Door Open by Silk Sonic:  “Silk Sonic is Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak's new group.  It has the throw-back sound of 70s soul with two of the heaviest hitters in the industry right now. It also helps that my wife seems to always throw it on whenever she gets a chance.
Drugs by Anderson East:  “It's one of Anderson’s newer songs.  I'm still very much into his older stuff but for some reason when the bass-line starts and it comes on my Alexa or Spotify, I never skip it.  This track has a great feel and just makes ya want to dance. 
Gimme 5 artists or bands who have had a big influence on your work.
Amos Lee:  “There's something about his body of work and craftsmanship in his songs that makes him at the top of my list. I still listen to him almost daily.  I really love his voice and what
Rock'n'roll influencers Aerosmith growing old disgracefully
he does with it.”  [Must admit I wasn't familiar with Amos Lee, so if you're in the same boat here's his song 'Worry No More', from his recent album Dreamland.]
The Black Crowes:  “They have such a solid body of work that stretches through so many genres.  I love that kind of diversity. The groove and feel to the songs just puts you in that right place that makes you want to recreate in your own way.
Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats:  “Their recordings are amazing but their live show has blown me away. The songs are simple and heartfelt, but at the same time have the such great big production. The horns and arrangements make for such great tracks.  It's hard to let these songs pass by without being a heavy influence.
Ray LaMontagne:  “Similar to Amos I listen to a lot of singer/songwriters.  What Ray does when he delivers his songs is mesmerizing.  You feel the connection to him immediately.  He's written some of the greatest songs that have ever been written, which is why he is such a large influence on my songwriting.
Aerosmith:  “Straight up Rock'n'Roll. They got the swag, they got the songs, and they’ve got the talent to boot.  I've been a fan since I was young and I feel like everyone needs that straight up rock n roll sometimes. Whether they know it or not.

Gimme 5 guests you’d love to invite to your ideal long lunch.
Uber-chilled Willie Nelson - would he get on with Gordon Ramsay?
Dave Grohl:  “Because it's Dave Grohl Who wouldn't want to have lunch with him?”
Will Ferrell:  “Because he's hilarious and you need the comic relief to keep a lunch party moving along.”
Gordon Ramsey:  “If we were to have lunch, I'd like to hear what Gordon Ramsay has to say about the meal that we are eating in person. It would make for an easy ice breaker I'm sure.
Zac Brown “Because I feel like we'd just get along. I don't know that to be true but I just have this feeling we would and if we didn't I'd take my chances with inviting . . .”
Willie Nelson:  “’Cause I don't know anyone that wouldn't get along with Willie Nelson!”
Just one track – pick one of your tracks that you’d share with a new listener to introduce your music.
“I’d go for ‘Waiting for Your Man’.  Its our brand new single. It's heavy hitting and features exactly what we do and who we are.

Check out the Blues Enthused review of the band's latest album, Shine A Light On Me Brotherhere.

Robert Jon & The Wreck tour the UK from 9-20 May, tickets available here - details of all dates shown below.

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